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The guiding principles and practices that make Sol special:


Social-Emotional Curriculum

We believe emotional intelligence is as important as academic success and is a precursor to school mastery. Here, nurturing and knowledgeable teachers support a collaborative experience as we provide a culture of respect. Each child works towards his or her personal "best" both socially and academically. 


Academic Curriculum

We believe students learn best by taking ownership and responsibility for their own learning path while supported by teachers who are aware and respectful of the student’s individual interests and needs. At Sol we strive to provide a developmentally appropriate environment in which students are constructing their own personalized knowledge, connecting to their own lives, and building upon their own experiences. We are inspired by the constructivist approach of HighScope and Reggio Emilia.

Outdoor and Nature Play

Sol Academy also believes in incorporating nature and elements as a vital part of the learning environment. Maintaining a parallel connection and relevance to our natural surroundings gives students the opportunity to always remain connected to the human experience.

Parent, School, and Community Partnerships

At Sol Academy, we believe learning happens best when we work together. Students, teachers and parents connect and develop a rich learning environment spanning from home, school and the greater community.


We would love for you to join our school family.












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