On Site programs

Scouts Ages 2-3

Our Pre K program is designed with a holistic approach to education.


We focus on all aspects of the developing child. Our inspirations derive from the Reggio Emilia philosophy as well as the High Scope curriculum. We have a mindful approach to discipline that helps children and teachers see the best in themselves and others. 


Our goal is to listen to your child's interests by making learning a fun and engaging experience that will spark the love of learning for a lifetime. Our nurturing and loving teachers are dedicated to work with you to create a memorable childhood that will serve as a pillars for the rest of their lives.

Free VPK 4s


A learning oasis where children continue to grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Our small class sizes allow us to make learning fun  and work at each child's level while supporting them so they can achieve their personal best. We instill a love of learning though our project based approach.



 Kindergarten and first grade. This homeschool style program is designed for children to work at their own pace as they are guided by nurturing teachers. Children learn to learn, live and be.

Virtual School

We now offer full time virtual options for parents who want to keep their child at home but need guidance in their homeschool approach. We provide all of the materials and have age appropriate meet ups. You do the suggested work at your own pace. We support the children and the parents as they work from home. These virtual classes are for children ages 3 through 5th grade.

Hybrid School

Our hybrid school option is a combination of virtual school and on-site school. Your child attends school three times a week and the other days works through our virtual program.