Scouts Ages 2-3

Our Pre K program is designed with a holistic approach to education.


We focus on all aspects of the developing child. Our inspirations derive from the Reggio Emilia philosophy as well as the High Scope curriculum. We have a mindful approach to discipline that helps children and teachers see the best in themselves and others. 


Our goal is to listen to your child's interests by making learning a fun and engaging experience that will spark the love of learning for a lifetime. Our nurturing and loving teachers are dedicated to work with you to create a memorable childhood that will serve as a pillars for the rest of their lives.

Free VPK 4s


A learning oasis where children continue to grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Our small class sizes allow us to make learning fun  and work at each child's level while supporting them so they can achieve their personal best. We instill a love of learning though our project based approach.


 Kindergarten and first g. This homeschool style program is designed for children to work at their own pace as they are guided by nurturing teachers. Children learn  to learn, live and be.


We have many wonderful partners who share their talents with us in many ways. Currently we are hosting, Soccer Stars, Engineering Class and Ms.Paula's Dance and Creative Expression class. Here are some of the other programs have offered.


Kidokinetics is the “Fun Way to Fitness” that’s inspiring kids to get up, get moving and get in shape! The program is developed to promote sports and fitness to boys and girls ages 2-6 years. Our fun-filled classes include activities that develop motor and cognitive skills while enhancing physical fitness. Kidokinetics teaches the basic concepts of various sports and other important physical exercises in an encouraging, high energy atmosphere.

Art Studio

Our art classes consist of fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate activities that can serve as launching points for artistic exploration and expression. At Sol Academy all children are exposed to art and projects which are open-ended  in the effort  to complement  the child's Process-Oriented mode of thinking. In the activity at hand, children are gently guided by questions that can further their understanding and deepen their engagement. The artist always owns the process and the product.